Uf physics courses

Send e-mail only to phy AT phys. Note that homework help is given during your discussion section and during office hours, not through e-mail. See Discussion Sections page for details about meeting times, location, and contact information for your instructor. Access to the required course materials above may be obtained from the UF All Access program.

Here is the link to have these charges direct billed to your student account:. See this handout for instructions for obtaining course materials with UF All-Access. The course requires the use of a student response clicker. First make sure you have a compatible clicker such as one shown below the textbook, sending a RF signal and then register the clicker using the link below.

PHY - Physics 2 is the second semester of Physics without calculus, covering electrostatics, electric current, electric circuits and their components, magnetism, induction, electromagnetic waves, optics, optical devices, interference and diffraction.

It is typically, but not exclusively, taken by biological sciences majors and pre-professional students, i. It is not a suitable course for physics, chemistry or engineering majors, who are encouraged to take PHY Physics 2 with calculus or PHY enriched Physics 2 with calculusboth of which offer similar material but with more mathematical emphasis. You will also receive formative assessment feedback on your learning through low-stakes weekly quizzes.

The content of these quizzes are based on the problems assigned in homework and serve to assess not only the correct answer to quantitative problems, but also critique and provide feedback on how you justify your answer with an in-depth solution. Practicing physics is the best way to learn it, and the apprenticeship model works quite well as you see how experts identify which physics principles are needed to obtain a correct solution.

Attendance to lectures and discussion sections is required. Requirements for class attendance and make-up exams, assignments, and other work in this course are consistent with university policies that can be found at this link.

Discussion Section Quizzes : Students must request a makeup quiz from the discussion section instructor, and if approved, make arrangements with the discussion section instructor. Missed Discussion Sections : Students are not permitted to earn bonus participation points if they are not attending and participating in solving group problems during discussion sections. Instead of offering makeup discussion sections or providing alternate assignments, we include a "forgiveness factor" into the calculation of the discussion section participation bonus.

Students missing class for excused reasons are not permitted to makeup missed bonus opportunities. Note, that the bonus is not just attendance, but also awarded for your active participation during the class. This means that you should be prepared to work collaboratively in teams and contribute constructively to the assigned tasks. Students who attend without contributing to the group will not earn bonus participation points.

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Missed Exams : Students missing an exam must notify the instructor BEFORE the beginning of the exam and provide documented evidence for a request for a makeup. It is wise to arrive to campus early on exam days and to drive under the speed limit. Receiving a traffic ticket, or getting stuck in traffic, is not a university approved justification for making up a missed exam.

Arrangements will be made to take a makeup exam as soon as possible. The makeup exam will consist of material similar to that which was tested on the missed exam.Additionally, there will be 4 teaching assistants available to help you during your discussion sections and in office hours. The office hour schedule and contact information for the instructors and teaching assistants can be found using the "Instructors and Office Hours" link in the Pages section.

Copy your messages to both Ankita and William.

uf physics courses

The course is run through Canvas. The web site for the course is accessed through UF e-Learning, or directly at:.

Undergraduate Courses

This site will contain important announcementsposted lectures, links to homeworkanswers to taken examsand course grades. Copy and save the URL above. If e-Learning goes down rare, but not unheard of you will still have access to these materials by pasting the URL into your address bar, taking you directly to the site. The purpose of this course is to provide you with a foundation in the concepts, fundamental principles, and analytic techniques needed to solve problems arising in the context of Newtonian mechanics.

uf physics courses

Examples include knowing how to calculate the maximum height of a projectile, the tension in a support beam, the velocity of an object after a collision, the pressure at a given depth in a fluid, and the resonant sound frequencies in an open pipe. The course is designed for people who have already had a basic introduction to physics in high-school or otherwise.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation in the concepts, principles, terminology, and methodologies used to describe motion translation, rotation and combined of simple objects, the basic properties of matter, harmonic oscillations, and wave motion. Specifically, you will be able to:. Your grade is determined by your performance on the following in-class and out-of-class components: 3 exams, weekly quizzes, on-line homework, discussion section participation, and in-class H-ITT questions.

The points these components contribute to the total grade is shown in the following table:. Your course grade will not be assigned based on a curvebut will be based on the following point fixed scale:.

Everyone who works hard can do well in the class, and to the extent that it helps you learn, we encourage collaboration. For further information on UF's Grading Policy, see:.

A combination of planned and unforeseen factors may cause you to miss some classes or discussion sections, additionally, it is likely for most of us to have a bad day or week for any number of reasons during the semester. To accommodate this reality, we use a "forgiveness factor" as a "make-up" policy to accommodate circumstances that may arise throughout the semester that may hinder your performance in the online HW, the discussion quizzes, and the H-ITT.

The forgiveness factors are given in the table above. There are three during-term exams and a final exam. Each exam is worth All exams are in class and will be held during the regular lecture hours. There is no forgiveness factor for exams. Exam 1 is on Thursday, 6th June and will cover chapters 1 to 6, inclusive. Exam 2 is on Thursday, 11th July and will cover chapters 7 to 10, inclusive. Exam 3 is on Thursday, 1st August and will cover chapters 13 to 16 inclusive.

The Final Exam is on Thursday, 8th August and will be cumulative. The date for each exam, and the chapters it covers are also listed in the Course Schedule.

PHY 2020 – Introduction to Principles of Physics

If you are on either the vet or med school track you should be aware that the GRE, required for Veterinary programs, provides their own simple calculators, while the MCAT does not permit calculators at all.

Scientific calculators that have a simple memory stack allowing storage of intermediate calculationshave trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions in radians or degreesand use exponents are permitted. Calculators may not be shared and may not have electronic communications capability.

Cell phones as calculators are not allowed. Private formula sheets are not allowed. Use of either constitutes academic fraud. Scratch paper and an official formula sheet for the exam will be provided.Join us Friday, July 10th from 4 to 6 p.

Notorious for being one of the most difficult classes at UF, PHY is sure to challenge you at some point this semester. Good news for you though: Our tutors have spent the last 10 years preparing the materials you need to succeed in this course. Ready to get started?

If you want to attend an In-person Review Session, just show up 15 minutes before the review session, no need to pre-register. Click here for a coupon. Visit our FAQ. To learn more about these services and memberships, go to our Pricing Page. A time to get your questions answered in real time. Our Study Experts are available via GoBoard every week to help you out with any problems you have. These Study Hours are available to Diamond members only.

See a sample here. Learn more. Exam Review Sessions are the best way to prepare for in-class exams. Our Study Experts analyze, organize, and write content specific to your subject to best prepare you for your exam. Chapter Review Sessions with your Study Expert allow you to go in depth and solidify your understanding of the course material as you go. Available to all members. A time to get your questions answered in person.

Our Study Experts come to a library to help you out with any problems you have. Our class wall on the Facebook App gives students the ability to ask questions and get answers from study experts themselves.Physics is the most fundamental natural science.

The laws of physics are the starting point for most scientific research and engineering applications. Students majoring in physics obtain broad-based knowledge and expertise applying these laws, as well as hands-on experience building electronic equipment and performing experiments.

To graduate with this major, students must complete all university, college, and major requirements. A physics major provides a wide range of career options. Many students pursue further studies in physics, other scientific disciplines, and various branches of engineering and medicine. Professional physicists work in universities and government laboratories seeking answers to fundamental questions about nature, in industry leading the development of new technologies, and in the medical sector performing clinical service and research.

The analytical, problem-solving, and communications skills acquired by physics majors also lead to career opportunities in business and finance. The Bachelor of Arts B. In each case, the second course includes selected advanced topics not covered in the first.

uf physics courses

While both courses prepare students for upper-level physics classes, students should see a department advisor to determine which course meets their needs. Required coursework for each degree can be found below in the Critical Tracking section. Transfer students must take a minimum of 15 credits of required physics courses at UF. Several courses meet the criteria for the general education physical sciences P requirement.

01 - Introduction to Physics, Part 1 (Force, Motion \u0026 Energy) - Online Physics Course

Some mathematical training indicated in parentheses is desirable or required for many of these courses. Students with Advanced Placement credit should consult the catalog's Academic Advising section for course equivalencies.

Sequences for advanced students are available from any physics advisor or the department website. All undergraduate majors are encouraged to participate in research activities. Advanced students may also be eligible to enroll in certain graduate courses, thereby accelerating their education.

Physics majors are urged to confer with a department advisor as early as possible and especially as their educational goals evolve. Students majoring in physics obtain broad-based knowledge and experience applying these laws as well as hands-on experience building electronic equipment and performing experiments.There are a variety of ways to pursue a UF degree online, ranging from web courses for residential students to fully online bachelor's degrees in 24 majors offered by UF Online.

Oftentimes, a course has a Canvas site where students can participate in discussions, view grades, and take quizzes or exams.

UFstudents can find course offerings and determine to what percentage the course is available via the web:. UF Online provides an accessible, flexible education for those looking to pursue a fully online degree program. Freshman PaCE students take at least 15 credits of classes via UF Online and may transition to residential learning at the completion of 60 credit hours.

UFunder the program dropdown. UF Distance Learning offers a selection of online degrees at the masters, specialists and doctoral levels, as well as online undergraduate and masters-level certificates. Flexible Learning courses are online, open-enrollment credit courses available to anyone. Admission to the University of Florida is not a requirement.

Students receive an official UF transcript when they successfully complete their coursework. Contact Us. Toggle navigation Registrar. Registrar Registration. Online Course Options at UF There are a variety of ways to pursue a UF degree online, ranging from web courses for residential students to fully online bachelor's degrees in 24 majors offered by UF Online.

Flexible Learning at UF.Course Coordinator — Summer: William L. Zeile, Ph. Course Description: BCH surveys the structure, function, and metabolism of amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids. It introduces concepts in cell structure, replication and growth, and metabolic regulation. This research seminar course will introduce students to the many research opportunities available to them in bench, field and computer laboratories across all STEM and Health disciplines on campus.

Each week, three faculty members will discuss their research focus, how and why they study the systems they do, and the broader impacts of their work. These brief presentations are designed to offer students a deeper awareness and understanding of the breadth of interdisciplinary research ongoing at UF and globallyand to inspire, encourage, and facilitate student interest in exploring the many opportunities to engage in research at this world-class research university.

Students majoring in STEM fields will find this course to be engaging and valuable. However, non-STEM majors with a strong background in high school science and a passion for research will also benefit from the multi-disciplinary research and guidance offered by the presenters in this course. All students will have the opportunity to enhance their scientific literacy, active listening, and critical thinking skills.

Room: R E-mail: korolymj ufl. Home Academics Undergraduate Courses. Click here for enrollment information.Filter courses reset. Courses Number of results: Instructor: Debra Wunch. Instructor: Qinya Liu. JPEH1 Seismology.

Instructor: Aephraim M. Instructor: Vatche Deyirmenjian. Virginijus Barzda - course coordinator. David Curtin - practical coordinator. Jason Harlow - course coordinator. Carolyn Sealfon - practical coordinator. Vatche Deyirmenjian - practical coordinator. Carolyn Sealfon - course coordinator. Jason Harlow - practical coordinator. Instructor: Joseph Thywissen. Instructor: David Curtin. Instructor: A. Instructor: Miriam Diamond.

Instructor: Matthew Russo. Instructor: Jason Harlow. Instructor: Christopher Lee.

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