1950 zippo lighter value

Updated Oct 19 Thanks to thevisitors since April 16 A Chrysler Saratoga, with lighters stretching above the roofline and the word Zippo on the front grill. The lighters had removable neon flames that lifted out and were placed in the back seat for travel between events.

The lids of the lighters snapped shut. The Zippo car was a popular attraction, but not without problems. The weight of the huge roof lighters put stress on the tires, which blew out easily.

Also, the armour-plated fenders made it impossible to jack the car up to change the tires. Zippo wanted to change the chassis to a truck's more durable frame. The Pittsburg shop tore the Zippo Car apart to retool it, but they only had bad news.

The changes, requested by Zippo, would raise the car six inches over the legal height, for a vehicle of it's class. Enthusiasm for the Zippo car's restoration deteriorated.

Wondering what your Zippo lighters are worth?

Zippo looked into the cars whereabouts in the 70's, but by then, Toohey Motors was out of business, and all traces of the car vanished. In lateZippo purchased and restored a second Chrysler Saratoga-New Yorker, which now has overmiles on it. George Blaisdell. I am located on Vancouver Island British Columbia. On the west coast of Canada.

1950 zippo lighter value

I primarily collect the early models. Rarity and condition dictate most of their value. Original packaging, paperwork, and provenance also effect value. Having said this, I follow the current market values of the most desirable models.

1950 zippo lighter value

There are thousands of Zippo collectors worldwide, who share the same enthusiasm as I do to this addicting past-time. All lighters shown here, are from my personal collection, unless stated otherwise. The information given in this website comes from reading many books, personal observation. This site will be upgraded on a regular basis, so check back often to see what's new. I want to thank my wife Marie for her support. Marie is also a collector.Weekly Auctions of Exceptional Items.

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Vintage 1937 Zippo Lighter

Eterna 1. Art Deco 7. Aesthetic 1. Modern 1. Pop Art 1. Victorian 1.

How to Value a Collectible Zippo Lighter

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Free Local Pickup. Show only. Free Returns. Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller. Completed Items. Sold Items. Authenticity Verified.Zippo has produced over million lighters sinceproviding an amazing array of collectibles. Their standard wick lighter has sported thousands of decorations, featuring military insignias, company advertising, artistic designs and commemorative issues.

Learning to judge the relative value of these lighters can be a rewarding endeavor. Familiarize yourself with Zippo lighters. Learn how to identify the techniques of airbrushing, engraving and metallique.

Study the history of special issues, such as the unique model produced during World War II solely for military sale. Determine the date of manufacture. In the s, Zippo began a system of date codes for quality control. You'll find these marks stamped on the bottom of the lighter and you can use this to determine the age.

You can date earlier models by variations of the wording and patent numbers. Rate the condition. Collectors apply a grading scale similar to that used in coins and other collectibles to lighters, ranging from excellent to poor.

Check the lid. If the lighter has the original box and printed inserts, it could add to the value, especially for commemorative issues. Join some collectors' clubs. Newsletters and forums are a great way to get a feel for trends and pricing. Zippo Click, the official company club, provides contact information to other clubs worldwide.

See the Resources for the Zippo Click company club web address. If the lighter insert is replaced through the lifetime guarantee, Zippo will also return the original to insure the collectible status.

This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: link below. By: Contributor Updated April 12, Share It.

About the Author.The lighter was invented less than a century ago and has since become extremely popular and available in every imaginable shape and style. This lighter worked with highly flammable hydrogen gas, boosted within the lighter by a chemical reaction.

The device was very large and highly dangerous and fell out of production by the end of the 19th century.

1950 zippo lighter value

The patenting of ferrocerium often misidentified as flint by Austrian scientist Carl Auer von Welsbach in made modern lighters possible. When scratched, it produced a large spark which was responsible for lighting the fuel of many lighters. The evolution of this small object reflected the technological progress at the turn of the century. The lighter created a new, easy, clean and safe way of generating the flame. Meanwhile, Simon Tissot Dupont, assisted by his sons Lucien and Andre, started a business with leather goods.

The first S. Dupont serially produced lighter was created induring World War II. It was made of aluminium since brass was used as a strategic metal restricted for war purposes only. The workshop spent three years completing this fabulous order and inS. Dupont produced the first luxury petrol lighter. The Ligne 1 lighternow made in more than a thousand variations, is the best seller. Every single Dupont lighter requires six hundred operations, tests, 70 pieces and over hours of work.

Manufacturing process lasts for around 4 to 5 months in general. Every article is unique because the worker who assembles the lighter engraves his initials under the striker wheel.

These initials reflect the quiet pride that goes into manufacturing the object. These two well preserved vintage specimens from Ligne 1 collection confirms that S. Dupond lighters are the best products available on the market.

Dupont Ligne1 lighter. Rare horizontal line pattern. Dupont lighter from Ligne1 collection. In blue box. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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Hello Igor. What do you think the estimated value would be? It is in the same condition or better. Thank you! Published August 24, Cancel Reply Write a Comment. Reply to Niclas. Reply to elias. Related Content by Tag lighters S.Forgot your Login? Forgot your Password? Images may be up to pixels wide and no more than 2. Email: Password:. Keep me logged in. Welcome to iGuide—the Internet Price Engine.

Buying or selling without checking iGuide could be hazardous to your wealth. Solid Brass. Get Details. Polished Chrome finish over solid Brass with Midnight Chro Polished Chrome finish over Brass Millennium Series lighter manufactured in Orange Matte finish over solid B Blue Matte Finish over solid Brass with c Polished Chrome finish over solid Brass.

Pink High Gloss finish over Brass. Standard size Brushed Brass. Midnight Brushed Chrome finish over Brass. Brushed Midnight Chrome finish over Brass with Pewter fr Brushed Chrome finish over solid Brass with front embl Black matte finish over solid brass. Red Matte finish over solid Brass. Brushed Chrome finish over solid Brass with etch Polished solid brass.

Matte Black finish over solid brass. Satin Chrome finish over Brass with colo Brushed Chrome over Brass finish. Matte Black finish over solid Brass with color print Polished chrome finish over solid brass. Reynolds Tobacco, the makers of Camel cigarettes, Brushed Brass with embossed front logo. Polished Chrome finish over solid Brass wit Upload up to 12 images for Images may be up to pixels wide and no more than 2. COM optional. Please log in first. Earnhardt Jr.GE came up with a campaign to use Zippo lighters as a selling tool.

Ultra Rare in this condition. This is an advertiser from around It shows a Coiled Man with a cigarette in hand. I really dont know the significance of the coilman himself. Very few of these are still around. The lanyard was not standard until around or Primarily designed for the sportsman. The attaching ring under-went numerous changes over the years The cases were made from brass and had a unique lip and flange on the lide and case.

The purpose of the lip was to stop premature curling or lifting of the material attached to the lighter. These materials were prone to lift or bubble over the years. To find one without these imperfections is nearly impossible. They had a gold leaf border on the front and back, and script style logo on the base. Custom logos or initials could also be ordered for a small fee. Leather Models. Leather wrap models were introduced in and discontinued in They were available in 3 materials, Aligator, Reptile, and Moroccan Leather.

Moroccans were available in Black and Blue. The box had many changes over the years.

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